Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Of Facebook and Golden Globe Injustices

What's this? A self-promotional filler post on this, the day of the Golden Globe nominations? The nerve!

Indeed, this is merely a brief post to notify all our readers (ha, ha) that we now have representation on facebook. (It's this new social networking thing the kids are using.) So in honor of the impending holidays, please check us out and "like" us here!

As for the Golden Globes, I've always been disappointed with their choices, so I hardly ever let myself get angry over them. Case in point: What kind of Best of 2010 TV Drama List doesn't include Breaking Bad? It's ludicrous! And, I'm sorry, The Big Bang Theory made the cut? Really? We're dipping into the CBS coffers for "good" TV now? Also, I can see why critics like Boardwalk Empire, but I take issue with the acting nomination for Steve Buscemi; I just cannot buy him in the lead role. I must be the only person in America who isn't getting a boner over that guy's performance, but there it is/n't. And here's another one: Julia Stiles for Best Supporting? Please. She may have been a more convincing rape victim than the endless carousel of gals on Law and Order: SVU, but if anyone on Dexter deserves to be recognized for her acting, it's Jennifer Carpenter. Oh, screw it; now I'm angry.

...But join us on facebook!

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