About this Blog

Why a TV blog?

Because someone already blogged through the Julia Child cookbook, the secrets of millions of Americans, and myriad feminist issues. Because we wanted to combine our two favorite things—TV and words. (OK, three. Let's not forget the single most time-honored TV companion—food.)

But seriously, folks, this is not your average TV blog. We fancy ourselves to be a step beyond mere reviewers.

Commentators. Deconstructors. These are the kinds of titles to which we aspire. But mostly we just want to lift the stigma off television and its fans. Sure, we’re all fans, but how many of us really own up to wasting away hours upon unshowered hours on those newly purchased Arrested Development DVDs? Well, the shame ends here! Film and literature are not the only kinds of fiction that can teach us something valuable. (We, for two, find Tobias Funke infinitely wise and insightful.) So pick up your Snuggies and your remote controls, fellow couch potatoes, and join us in the Tivo-lution.