Wednesday, March 26, 2014

House of Cards 2.06: Mercury Rising, Samarium Not so Much

Here we are. Episode 6. And look there’s Rachel, hey how are ya beenawhile! She has a mouthful of ice cubes and her face in the A/C unit. It is hot hot hot, you see. It’s hot everywhere. Rachel’s neck of the woods? Hot. Washington? Hot. Words simply cannot convey how hot it is on the entire East Coast right now, so here is a dramatization:


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

House of Cards 2.05: Meet Xander Feng (and Ayla Sayyad)

Don’t worry, guys, it’s just a sex thing! He is completely in control of the situation. And only like, a handful of people have accidentally died this way, so it’s all good. How much longer did David Carradine have left, really? Come on now, you bunch of prudes! (Too soon?)

That safe-sex practitioner is of course Xander Feng, a new character whom we don’t yet know anything about but whose introduction nevertheless does a great job of instantly cementing him as some kind of bored billionaire. I mean, obvvy. You’d have to be, if your idea of a recreational activity is a drug-fueled threesome with two randos who will tie you up and not-quite-asphyxiate you, right? Good luck, all of this guy’s friends, because he must be impossible to shop for!