Monday, October 24, 2011

Mind Blown

I'm sure I'm way late to this party, but I just watched last night's The Walking Dead and was embarrassingly elated to spot the blue meth from Breaking Bad, casually and seamlessly displayed in a B-plot. In light of Gus's zombie face from the BB 4th season finale, I can safely assert that this is no accident but a bona fide TV Crossover Situation! I love those!

So glad I didn't opt out of this show, you know, yet. Not only is it a cool idea that Heisenberg's blue meth would exist in the TWD universe, but it's also a nice little homage from one AMC bro to another. Next to an episode in which Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon attempt to mutually change each other's outlooks on life while being uniquely hilarious, I can't think of a more delightful merger of two television shows. Well, I probably could, but the dramatic statement must live on!

Oh, man. Does this mean Walter and Jesse have been cooking all the way up to the zombie apocalypse? Did they eventually tire of the New Mexican desert and relocate to Georgia? Do they still dysfunctionally love each other? Are they - GULP - still alive? Did Hank regain his walking ability in time to outrun the zombies? Who is watching Holly??? Much to ponder, but let's be real: Walter Jr. was probably the first to bite it.

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