Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weeds Recap: Working Girl

"So you're saying we should be wearing helmets around her now?"       --Andy

I'm on vacation this week, so I'll make this snappy.

As the Botwin boys (and Doug) arrive in the Big Apple looking for their matriarch, Nancy puts on a hideous outfit, sees them, makes prolonged eye contact with Silas, freaks out and flees. She has bigger fish to fry, you see; she wants back into the weed game, prompting the question: Is this really all she knows how to do? Would it have been so hard for her to at least try to learn the lamp repair game from the nice Hasidic man? But I digress. So she needs product to sell. What is there to do but trade for it the suitcase full of grenades belonging to Zoya's brother, a man Nancy will undoubtedly bang at a later date. But whatever. Aside from Nancy getting uncharacteristically high this week, the Botwins were boring. Even Silas and his male model-esque short-pants suit.

I want to talk about someone else this week -- Ed. Can I just say something? I love Ed. Only two episodes and Ed is already my new favorite character. Allow me to outline in detail the marshmallowy beauty of Ed:

Ed is totally papa bear warden to Nancy and her housemates but not in that annoying, paternalistic way some of us gals have come to expect from big guys who talk to us real slow, lest our wee bird brains are unable to follow non-rhyming words delivered at man-speed. Don't get me wrong: Ed is a big softie (he already got taken in by Nancy's big sad eyes once and will probably do so again next week) and I believe Ed would swiftly neutralize any potential threat to his cub-ettes, like some sort of awesome pimp superhero. But Ed doesn't patronize these women, because Ed doesn't underestimate them. (I guess the one surefire way for a woman to get a man's full attention is to be a proven criminal?) Ed is, dare I say, a feminist. In fact, Ed is the best kind of feminist, because Ed could care less what that word means; Ed just is it. And that's why I love Ed. Plus, his name is Ed! How perfect is that? I'll say it again, because I love it so gosh-darn much: Ed.

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