Thursday, February 3, 2011

Newsflash NBC: Colonialism Not Funny

Those smiles mean theirs is a mutually beneficial relationship, we swears!

NBC, you were so close tonight. I brewed my Thursday night coffee with great anticipation, determined to stay awake through the end of 30 Rocktotes worth it! And it's not just Fey and the gang who are firing on all pistons in this lineup. Community just gets better and better as it settles into itself, The Office was brill again, Parks and Recreation is still the greatest undiscovered TV treasure (and it drives me bananas), and even Perfect Couples is turning out to be one of the better regular-folk sitcoms this year.

And then there's Outsourced, the new-this-season comedy about a Mumbai-based American call center. I abandoned this show early this fall due to failure to humor/interest, but tonight... tonight I was actually appalled. (I just couldn't turn off the TV fast enough after Rock, could I?) The first four minutes of the episode saw three white managers literally exchanging techniques for raising morale maintaining docility  among their Indian employees. Over lunch. Whilst cracking a joke about trading workers via the aid of cards. Yes, you got it: like Pokemon. (Direct paraphrase: "I'll give you these two in exchange for the quiet one." WOW!)

I haven't the words.

I won't harp unnecessarily on this, except to say that the most ridiculous aspect of that whole scene was how unbelievably accidental it felt. This was no cleverly and deliberately written envelope-pushing verbal exchange in the style of 30 Rock, folks. This felt frighteningly more like Borat-style humor.

NBC, here's the bottom line: modern-day colonialism humor is not OK, so what say you hurry up and get rid of this redheaded stepchild of a show. Oh, I'm sorrywas that offensive?


  1. I don't know... I think colonialism is way too serious. 100 years later and we're still too sensitive to make fun? When? When?

  2. Well, I don't have a problem with making fun, either. But this scene in this show simply WASN'T funny. We need to write some funny/classy colonialism jokes! Unless you were being sarcastic, in which case I was totally kidding, too...